Welcome Back, BGC!

We are returning to the HOUSE! Come Worship with us!

RegisterWhat to Expect?

Baptist Grove Church

Now Open For Worship

Glad to have you

What to Expect?

Hey family, we are so glad to have you back in the house! We want to make sure we are being safe, resonsible, and respectful. Watch the video to learn how to register, find out what to expect when you drive on campus, and experience worship in person. 


Here to help

Can I get on a waitlist?

Yes, just share your info here: Waitlist Form

Will my family be able to sit together?

Yes, we want to make sure you can all sit together. 

Are mask required?

Yes, at this time, everyone attending service is required to have a mask on the entire service. 

How do i register?

Here is a short video to assist you with registering. Watch Video Here.

I can't make it. Can i give my seat to someone else?

Yes, you can turn your “tickets” back in to through the system Watch how here

What is the reentery plan for BGC?